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About Me

My Reiki Journey

From a young age, I knew my purpose was to help and empower others. I graduated with a BA in psychology and began my professional career facilitating on an accredited treatment programme for substance related offending. I can still remember the fear I felt on my first day……not knowing how the day would unfold. It was definitely one of my most challenging roles, though I am grateful for the invaluable skills I gained.

My next role was working in the community. I felt a desire to facilitate change and help, not only in my client’s lives but the lives of the people around them it emotionally affected. I later went on to complete further studies in counselling and psychotherapy, to enhance my knowledge and skills.

During my 5 years working there I went through a difficult life transition and my health deteriorated, which was around the time I discovered Reiki. I felt very skeptical at first, but I was not in great health and open to trying any alternative ways to cope. After my first session, I immediately felt at peace, balanced and centred.

A few years later whilst going through another life transition I decided that ‘one day’ I would learn Reiki for self-healing. However, I didn’t take action on this desire for around 2 years. On reflection, it wasn’t the right timing and the universe had other plans. I believe, when the time is right Reiki will find you!


‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’

After completing Level 1 of my training, I soon realised my purpose and went on to complete Level 2, enabling me to provide Reiki treatments on others.

Reiki is so experiential………the best way to learn about it, is to experience it!

My Premise
My intention to heal, is what makes energy flow. Reiki aligns with who I am and why I’m here.


My Vision
To facilitate energy healing Reiki to those who seek it – to help heal the mind, body and soul. 

My Purpose
To create the best quality of life for myself, my loved ones and to help those around me do the same.

Love and Light

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